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Use our flower pages to find us at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market, to buy flowers for weddings, parties, and special occasions, or to learn about the many flower varieties we grow and what's in season.

Local grocery stores and florists in Louisville and Elizabethtown, KY please visit our wholesale flower page for information about our Kentucky Proud cut flowers and bouquets.


Visit Kellie's online gallery to enjoy her vivid oil paintings and ceramic work. See Kellie about her artwork at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market in Louisville from April - October. Please feel free to contact her about her artwork.


Bouquet of the Week

August 9, 2018

Pretty Flowers

Sunflowers, Cockscomb, Plume Celosia, Zinnias, Ageratum, Mountain Mint

We're very sorry to have to tell you that we won't be at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market this Saturday. Due to a large special order for this week combined with poor production from weather trouble earlier this summer, we are completely sold out and have no flowers to bring to market this week.

Our mixed bouquets are always available at any of the Paul's Fruit Market locations in Louisville when you can't get them at the market.

See you next week,
Kellie and Tim

flower display at Paul's Market
Flower Display at Paul's Market

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