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Kellie Diamond

Ever since I was little art has been an important part of my life (thanks to my mother, the art teacher). While living in Europe for a few years as a child I was fortunate to be exposed to many, many great works of art, historical icons and museums. After receiving a degree in Art and Art History in college, rather than pursue a career as an artist, I chose to embrace art as a way of life; to view all aspects of my life as artistic endeavors. Homesteading, farming, living closely with nature was very attractive to my artistic sensibilities.

Seasonality is the essence of farming. Art, for me, is a natural extension of this ever-changing lifestyle. My paintings and pottery reflect the rhythms and moods of my surroundings; creating a visual journal of my experiences. After a hectic growing season, the images and impressions that have been gathering in my brain demand release. Colors and textures permeate my thoughts. When I paint, I'm fascinated by the way colors relate to each other and how the light interacts with them. The plasticity of the oil paint is equally interesting to me. Bold brush strokes and thick layers of application draw attention to the paint's rich, vibrant hues and dimensions. My choice of subject matter for my pieces may vary from year to year, but the inspiration I find from living closely with nature remains constant.

Pottery has a strong influence in my painting. My work with clay feels freer and more spontaneous. It allows me to explore a more tactile, elemental world where earth (clay), fire and water all come into play. Yet, because it is both malleable and firm, clay also teaches me about a gestural, more ephemeral side; the push/pull, yin/yang dichotomy of life. Much like farming, with pottery I can have fun being creative, messy and accepting of the occasional mishap.

- Kellie Diamond