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September 29, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cockscomb, Cosmos, Plume Celosia, Tuberose

The Season of the Sleepy Bee

It's a little late arriving this year, but we're finally getting our first real taste of cool fall weather. With the changing light and the cooler temperatures at this time of year, the growth of summer annuals slows down and they develop more slowly. We plan ahead by planting more flowers, more often for the last few plantings of the season just to keep a steady supply of blooms in September and October.

Bumblebees, so active during the summer in our flower beds, now cling sleepily to the blossoms, misted with dewdrops. They lack the energy to fly away in the evening and are reluctant to let go when we're harvesting in the cool morning. We have to be extra careful not to get accidentally stung during this "season of the sleepy bee."



It's been a great season for pawpaws on our farm. We should continue to have fresh pawpaws at the market for the next couple of weeks. Pawpaws are sweet, luscious tree fruits native to Kentucky and the Southeastern United States. Like most wild food crops they're a dense source of nutrients, with high levels of minerals and vitamins.

Pawpaws are a highly seasonal soft fruit that's not suitable for storage or long distance shipping. Fresh pawpaws are a distinctly local and seasonal treat. We invite you to enjoy them with us this season.

Shake off the dew this Saturday morning and get down to see us at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market!

We'll see you there,
Kellie and Tim


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