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October 20, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Zinnias, Tuberose, Cockscomb and Plume Celosias

Our first real chance of frost comes this Friday night and Saturday morning. The first frost marks the end of the market season on our farm, all of our crops being grown outdoors. If we escape the frost this weekend, we'll have enough for one more week at the market after this.

With the season winding down, let's take a quick tour of the flowers left at the tail end of the season on our farm.


We start a new bed of zinnias every other week from April through July to provide a steady supply of quality flowers throughout the growing season. Each bed continues blooming for a month or more until it slips into decline. We've got three or four beds still producing.

late season zinnia bed



Ageratum beds fill in solidly and continue producing new flowers until they're touched by frost, making a lot of flowers over a long season.


We've already started digging our tuberose bulbs to store for the winter. But they keep sending up new flower stalks right through the end of the season.


One neat thing about celosia is the way the leaves take on autumnal colors toward the end of the season. The foliage is not as long-lasting as the flowers, but with fresh flowers straight from the field, the fall colors are an added bonus of these late season flowers.

Autumn Cockscomb


A plague of caterpillars literally decimated our last few plantings of sunflowers when they were just seedlings. The ones that survived had lots of room to grow bigger than they normally would at this time of year.

late season suflowers
Next season's cornflowers planted alongside the last of the sunflowers.

We look forward to seeing you again on Saturday morning at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market!

Kellie and Tim

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