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Bouquet of the Week

May 11, 2017

Pretty Flowers

Peonies, Sweet William, Batchelor's Buttons, Baptisia

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

We'll have lots of colorful bouquets at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market this Saturday, made from voluptuous, sweet-smelling peonies backed up by a blend of spring wildflowers. Dianthus, larkspur, and bupleurum are some of the new flowers appearing on our palette this week.

Tuberose Bulbs for Sale

Mixed Cornflowers

As the soil warms up in May and June it's time for planting tuberose bulbs. Tuberose form a grassy clump with tall, stately spires of waxy-white flowers and a heavenly fragrance. They bloom in August and September.

Tuberose are native to the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They are hardy to zone 9. In Kentucky, they can possibly survive the winter outside, depending on the season and local conditions. But it's more reliable to dig them up and store them inside. We have a couple extra crates of our own tuberose bulbs to bring to the market this year. It's an easy and rewarding flower to grow in a sunny garden.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Kellie and Tim

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