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June 23, 2017

Pretty Flowers

Rudbeckia, Dianthus, Feverfew, Crocosmia, Liatris

Dianthus, crocosmia, and rudbeckia are the big three this week among the many summer flowers that are blooming now. We'll have sunflowers, zinnias, lilies, cosmos, hydrangea, and more in mixed bouquets, bunches, and single stems at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market this weekend.

The time around the summer solstice is when we have the greatest diversity of flowers on our farm, with so many garden flowers taking advantage of the warm, mild weather and the strong light of the longest days of the year.

Sweet William (Dianthus)

Sweet William

Dianthus is a long-lasting, fragrant cut flower with mounded clusters of brightly colored, sweet smelling blooms.

Their vivid colors pop in bouquets of mixed wildflowers or make a bold statement in a bunch by themselves. 

Sweet William is closely related to carnations, with a similar spicy-sweet fragrance and flowers that will last for 2 weeks or more in a vase if you keep the water clean. 

We grow successions of dianthus throughout the summer, but they prefer the cooler times of the year. Conditions have been just about ideal for them this spring, with plenty of water and mostly mild temperatures. It's a perfect time right now to enjoy these beautiful, fragrant, long-lasting flowers at their peak.

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!
Kellie and Tim


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