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June 30, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Crocosmia, Sunflowers, Dianthus, Asiatic Lilies, Statice

Oriental Lilies

Big, voluptuous flowers with a room-filling fragrance, oriental lilies are blooming now, and should be available through most of the summer. They're one of the many big and bold summer flowers we'll have available at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market this Saturday for the 4th of July weekend.


crocosmia in the field

It's fitting that crocosmia, also known as "Lucifer" from the variety name, should begin blooming year after year around the time of the Independence Day holiday. The bright red flowers on stiff, arching stems are somehow reminiscent of fireworks, and make a stunning display.

Native Flowers

This weekend we're featuring an array of native wildflowers. It's amazing how many of the most stunning cut flower varieties are native to the prairies and woodlands of the United States and the Americas. Setting aside sunflowers and zinnias, we have 'Annabelle' hydrangeas, purple and white liatris, coneflowers, black-eyed susans, and charming sprays of rudbeckia triloba blooming now, all of them native flowers.

At Falling Springs Flowers, we've always grown our flowers outdoors under natural conditions, and without pesticides of any kind. There are many other factors to succeeding under these conditions, but the wide range of different native varieties we grow make an important contribution to our sustainable methods.

Stop by this weekend to take home some of these locally grown, native-born wildflowers from Falling Springs Flowers.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim


liatris in the field
white liatris in the field

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