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June 29, 2018

Pretty Flowers

Hydrangea, Sunflowers, Oriental Lilies, Baptisia, Crocosmia

It's such an incredibly lush time in Kentucky right now as midsummer waxes full. We have an embarassment of riches on the farm this week.

  • All sorts of midsummer perrenials are blooming now, like liatris, echinacea, hydrangea, crocosmia, and loosestrife.
  • Annuals like sunflowers, zinnias, and dianthus are big and bold.
  • And we'll have a full complement of lovely asiatic and oriental lilies.

It's a great time of year to check in with your local Kentucky flower farmers at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market, this Saturday from 8-noon.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim

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