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July 21, 2016

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Mountain Mint (pycnanthemum)

Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint is a native plant found growing wild in Kentucky in meadows and along woodland edges. The flowers themselves are understated, but its gray-green foliage with silvery-white frosted tops and fresh minty fragrance make this a unique and attractive filler. It's a beautiful complement and backdrop for the bold colors of summer flowers.

This native wildflower is a favorite of pollinating insects of all kinds and is a very productive honey plant. Our mountain mint beds attract more pollinating insects and a greater variety than any other flower we grow. They literally hum with the activity of thousands of large and small flying insects, especially the small native bees, wasps, flies and other native pollinators that are so severely threatened by large-scale agriculture and urban sprawl.

Standing next to a bed of mountain mint is like being on safari, giving an intimate glimpse into the vital and dramatic world of our smallest local wildlife. The clip below captures one dramatic moment when an assassin bug snatches a small wasp out of the air in mid-flight. The video is in high-definition, so you'll want a good internet connection to watch it.

Insect Safari Footage

Mountain mint is an unusual, attractive and long-lasting cut flower with a nice fragrance. It even makes a great dried flower. But it's not very commonly grown even by local growers, so you're not too likely to find it elsewhere.

We normally have mountain mint for a couple of months during the late summer, but due to quirks in production we're expecting a more limited supply this season. We hope you'll get a chance to enjoy this unique, native, locally grown cut flower with us this summer.

See you Saturday!
Kellie and Tim


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