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July 28, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Oriental Lilies, Cockscomb, Zinnias, Lisanthus, Rudbeckia triloba

With August approaching, we begin to transition to the late summer flower season. By now, the explosion of annuals and perennials that bloom around the summer solstice have played themselves out and a new line up of heat-loving late-summer flowers are stepping up to the plate.

Regular BRFM customers are no doubt familiar with lisanthus. You'll see our first big cutting of these elegant specialty cut flowers at the market this week.

We have a few more tuberose each week, and expect a huge flush of these elegant, beautifully fragrant flowers in the next few weeks. But for now, it's still only the early birds that are likely to see them.

Other late summer flowers coming to market in the next few weeks include Cosmos, Ageratum, Mountain Mint, Sedum, and Celosias. Keep an eye out for these flowers and more as the season progresses.

Cockscomb Celosias

Amfuls of Cockscombs

This weekend will also be our first chance to show off our line-up of Cockscomb Celosias. Cockscombs have an irresistable velvety texture, absolutely lurid bright colors, and a unique, head-turning flower form. We grow varieties that are intensely bright pink, a vivid orange, and a deep cardinal red, as well as a variety of the most colorful and attractive plume-shaped varieties. Cockscombs are a specialty of ours at Falling Springs Flowers, and we're excited to be introducing them this week at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market.

August and September are the most colorful and productive months on our Kentucky flower farm. We're proud of the quality and variety of our late summer flowers, and can't wait to share them with you.

See you at the market!
Kellie and Tim

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