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July 6, 2017

Pretty Flowers

Zinnias, Oriental Lilies, Dianthus, Liatris, Mountain Mint, Rudbeckia

Zinnia bed

They've been a little slow to get started this season, but fans will be glad to hear that Zinnias are on fire this week! Zinnias are the most festive of party flowers, with big round blooms in bold primary colors like living polka dots.

We plant a new bed of zinnias every couple of weeks throughout the growing season to be sure to have fresh, vigorous, young plants to maintain a steady supply of high quality flowers all season long. We continue cutting zinnias right up until the first frost puts an end to the season sometime in October.

Zinnias are beautiful and popular cut flowers that grow well in warm weather and average garden soil almost anywhere. But they don't respond well to shipping, storage, and handling by wholesalers and mass market distributors. So for the most part, they remain a distinctly seasonal and local cut flower.

Zinnias are at their very best when they pass directly from our hands to yours!

See you on Saturday,
Kellie and Tim


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