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August 11, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Zinnia, Lisianthus, Ageratum, White Wingstem, Cockscomb, Plume Celosia



We have a veritable army of tuberose lined up to march on the Bardstown Road Farmers Market this Saturday and throughout the rest of the season.

Tuberose is a beautiful, tall, elegant flower with a heavenly scent. John and Tammy - our predecessors at the market - were rightly reknowned for their tuberose, not only at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market, but all around Louisville. We have stepped up our own tuberose production this year in hopes of satisfying the market's expectations.

While they've been blooming in dribs and drabs over the past few weeks, we expect this Saturday to be the real season opener for this lovely and fragrant flower.

It's an incredibly vibrant and productive time of year on our Kentucky flower farm. We'll be out this Saturday to share with you all that the season has to offer.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim

tuberose in the field
Tuberose in the field about to bloom

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