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August 18, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Sunflower, Cockscomb, Plume Celosia, Lisianthus, Ageratum


Good news everybody! It's going to be another big week for tuberose at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market. We'll be bringing a lot of them with us, but there's no telling how late in the day they will still be around. Folks at the BRFM sure do love their tuberose! We hope everyone will get a chance to take home a few of these tall, elegant beauties and enjoy their exquisite fragrance all week long.

Tuberose are just one late season specialty flower that we grow to help round out our offerings in the late summer. Gorgeous rose-like lisianthus are popular right now in bunches and mixed into bouquets.

Powderpuff blue ageratum, a variety of brightly-colored celosias, native white wingstem and mountain mint, sedum, and other flowers and fillers all help to complement our sunflowers, zinnias, and cockscombs as summer approaches the fall.

See you on Saturday!
Kellie and Tim

lisianthus bunches
Lisianthus bunches

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