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August 25, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Zinnias, Tuberose, Gladiolas, Cosmos, Cockscomb, White Wingstem

I'm sure everyone will be glad to hear it's going to be another great week for tuberose! We've also started bringing some gladiolas to market. There will be zinnias, sunflowers, and celosias, of course, and a variety of other odds and ends.

One of the strategies we use to maintain a natural and sustainable farm business is to diversify our crops as much as possible. Growing cut flowers gives us a lot of opportunities for diversity because there's just so much to choose from. Over the years we've tried all sorts of flower varieties and we've found what works for us (and also what doesn't). Specializing in mixed bouquets allows us to play around with minor crops that commodity flower growers would never consider. Every year we try something new to fill holes in production, round out our offerings, and add spice, variety, and interest to our bouquets and bunches.



Cosmos are old-fashioned garden flowers that are beautiful and wild cut flowers, but only when they're fresh and local, and only when they've been handled properly.

We cut and sell our cosmos in the bud. If they aren't cut tight and sold fresh in the bud, they just won't have the vase life that we expect from all of our cut flowers. The tight little nuggets of color in our cosmos bunches only hint at the potential that's about to burst forth.

Within a day or two the flowers quickly open with their luminescent petals surrounding a cheery yellow center. The stems and fine leaves continue to grow, looping and twisting in a lively display of vegetative vigor. They are certainly not the most formal of cut flowers, but they're a treat for anyone who enjoys watching their flowers grow and change throughout the week.

See you on Saturday with our summertime staples and a grab bag of odds and ends!
Kellie and Tim

White Wingstem in the Meadow
White Wingstem in the Meadow

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