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August 25, 2017

Pretty Flowers

Sedum, Zinnias, Cockscomb, Plume Celosia, Ageratum

We had a little rain earlier this week, followed by cooler temperatures. It's put just a little more shine on all of our flowers! You'll see big flowers with bold colors at the market on Saturday.


We've got plenty of tuberose again this week, as well as a great selection of cockscomb celosia. Cockscombs are very long-lasting flowers with glowing jewel-like colors that seem to be lit from within. It's a beautiful and unusual cut flower that doesn't really stand up that well to mass market transport, making it more of a local specialty, and one of our favorites.

We hope you'll make it to the Bardstown Road Farmers Market on this beautiful weekend to stock up on fresh, local food and get your local and sustainable fresh flowers and bouquets from Falling Springs Flowers.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim

Harvesting Cockscomb and Plume Celosia
harvesting celosia

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