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August 4, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Zinnias, Mountain Mint, Lisianthus, Ageratum, Plume Celosia

Our Kentucky Flower Farm

We moved to our South Central Kentucky farm in the spring of 1994. Kellie and I started out with a packet of sunflower seeds and a walk-behind tiller. We moved into a plastic covered hoophouse that we're still using today for starting seeds. We sold our first cutting of sunflowers before we had even begun to build a house.

I still remember the guy who came to install our phone for us. He wasn't too surprised. "Roughin' it, eh?"

Roughin' itindoors

We jumped in head first, and it was an exciting start to our long adventure in flower farming. Among other things, I acheived the dubious distintinction of being among the unlucky few to actually be struck by lightning! (That's alright. I'm OK.)

That first summer we were among the earliest members of the Bardstown Road Farmers Market. Unfortunately, it didn't stick. Instead, we gravitated toward selling wholesale to florists and grocery stores in Louisville.

Paul's Fruit Market

Paul's Market

Mixed Bouquets

Mixed bouquets are a specialty of ours at Falling Springs Flowers, in large part because of our long relationship with Paul's Fruit Markets in Louisville. Our mixed bouquets have been a summertime fixture at Paul's for years and years.

Honestly, we can't speak highly enough of Paul's Markets. They've got an incredible selection of the best quality fresh produce in Louisville, and they're a top-notch deli and sandwich shop. Paul's has been a consistent and trustworthy supporter of local farms like ours for as long as we've been around.

If you can't make it to the farmers market on Saturday, you can always find our fresh flowers all summer long at Paul's Market.

John and Tammy

Our paths crossed with Tammy and John of Perennial Favorites many years ago when our delivery routes happened to bring us to the same florist around the same time each week. We would stop to talk shop and chew the fat and admire each other's truckfuls of fresh cut flowers. So when John and Tammy made the decision to retire, they called us to see if we would take their place selling flowers at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market. We're grateful to them for the opportunity.

It's funny how things change. In some ways we've circled back to where we started out as flower farmers. We're glad to be back.

See you on Saturday!
Kellie and Tim

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