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September 1, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Zinnias, Cockscomb, Wheat and Plume Celosia, Ageratum, Cosmos

A Touch of Blue

Professional floral designers use a wide range of flowers with all kinds of different shapes, textures, and colors. Everyone has their own unique style and personal preferences, but every good designer is always on the lookout for a good blue.

Blue flowers are especially prized amongst designers because it's a color that ties together and accentuates all the others. Whether it's an arrangement of soft pastels, a bold splash of hot colors, or a muted monochromatic design, the right blue is often just what's needed to make a bouquet sing.

Of course, there are lots of blue flowers in the world. But good blue cut flowers can be hard to come by. Not all flowers come in blue. Think of the long unsuccessful quest amongst plant breeders to develop a blue rose. For local grower/designers like us who use only our own seasonal cut flowers in arrangements, the choice is even more restricted, particularly in the summer when bolder colors dominate.

Touch of Blue


For more than twenty years, ageratum has reliably served up our late summer blues. Ageratum has soft, mounded clusters of powder-puff violet-blue flowers. It is a common bedding plant sold as a short, ground hugging annual garden plant. We grow a tall variety called 'Blue Horizon' bred specifically for cut flowers.

Our beds of ageratum are among the most productive flowers we grow, producing a steady supply of blooms from late-July through the first touch of frost in October. It's not exactly a charismatic flower. Probably no one would say that ageratum is their favorite flower. But it is the most stalwart of supporting actors. In our late season bouquets, it's often ageratum quietly helping the more flamboyant flowers to shine.

25 Years on Bardstown Road

25th anniversary poster

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Bardstown Road Farmers Market, we are taking the opportunity this Labor Day weekend to thank the Bardstown Rd. Presbyterian Church for hosting our market for all these years.

This weekend, vendors at the market will be accepting donations to the church from our many loyal, kind, and generous customers! Please join us in thanking the long, faithful generosity of the Bardstown Rd. Presbyterian Church to our market by offering a small gift for them this weekend.

For a suggested donation of $5 or more, you can also have one of our beautiful commemorative 25th Anniversary posters. What's more, in appreciation of the warm welcome we've had from the market this year, Falling Springs Flowers will match all donations made to the church at our booth this Saturday.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim

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