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September 15, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cockscomb, Gladiolas, Cosmos, White Wingstem, Solidago


Pawpaws are a luscious tree fruit native to the southeastern United States. It's the northernmost member of a tropical genus that includes cherimoya, soursop, and ylang ylang. They have a creamy texture and unique sweet tropical flavor.

Although we grow a lot of food crops just for ourselves, we don't try to sell them. We're happy just working as specialty cut flower growers. But pawpaws are a unique local and seasonal treasure in Kentucky. When we have enough, we can't resist sharing them with our friends at the market.

We got our grafted pawpaw trees from our friends and neighbors at the Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery here in Hart County, KY.



As the season winds down toward the fall, different varieties of celosia become more and more prominent in our bouquets and flower bunches. Celosias are a very distintinctive type of flower with their vivid colors and velvety textures. But they also span a wide range of colors and flower types.

We sell three basic types of celosia: cockscomb celosia with their improbable monkey brain flowers; plume celosia with a variety of different flowing feathery shapes; and wheat celosia with sprays of conical spikes.

Cockscomb and plume celosias are among the big three major crops on our farm: sunflowers, zinnias, and celosias. Celosias love the warmth, blooming from late July until the first frost in October. We harvest them over a fairly long season during the late summer.

But the wheat celosia we grow, with its deep purple flowers, is more of a seasonal specialty. It responds to the shortening days of late summer. So it doesn't bloom until September as the trees begin to change colors.

It's the very last of the seasonal specialty flowers on our list. It's big, bold purple flowers signal the approaching end of the harvest season on our Kentucky flower farm.

Come and enjoy the waning days of summer with us this weekend in the Highlands!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday,
Kellie and Tim

'Amazon' Celosia
'Amazon' celosia is a native wildflower growing in river valleys of the Amazon basin in South America.

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