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September 1, 2017

Pretty Flowers

Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnias, Ageratum, Plume Celosia, White Wingstem

In the late summer, we rely more and more on succession plantings of summer annuals like zinnias, sunflowers, and celosias. We plant a lot of different crops every week or two throughout the summer so that we always have these summer annual flowers ready to cut.



Cosmos are a uniquely local cut flower. You won't find them on the mass market because they're just too fragile to ship or store for long periods of time. We cut our cosmos "in the bud", even before the petals unfurl, for the best quality and vase-life. The buds crack and open very quickly, and the flowers will last about a week in clean water.

Cosmos give a cottage garden charm to your home, either mixed into bouquets or in a vase on their own. They have big, open, colorful flowers, delicate, lacy foliage, and a gracefully arching, looping form.

Cosmos are in particularly good form this week. Look for them amongst the sunflowers, zinnias, cockscomb, ageratum, tuberose, and other summer annuals from Falling Springs Flowers at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market on Saturday.

See you there!
Kellie and Tim

summer annuals in the field
summer annuals

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