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Caring For Your Cut Flowers

Follow this simple procedure to get the most from your fresh cut flowers for the longest time. Start with clean water in a clean vase. Change the water and rinse out the vase every day or two. Recut the stems every few days and remove any flowers that have gone funky. With the fresh, premium quality flowers you get from Falling Springs Flowers plus a little simple care, you'll soon stop being surprised at how long your flowers stay fresh and beautiful. Instead we hope you'll come to expect it.

Some more tips for handling cut flowers:

Buy quality. Unfortunately, there's very little you can do to improve a pale and wilted cut flower, so developing an eye for quality and freshness is the first step to satisfaction with all of your cut flowers. Flowers, stems and foliage should be firm and crisp with good color. Leaves or flowers that are wilted, yellowing or developing gray or brown spots are a sure sign of flowers in decline.
Keep them hydrated. Cut flowers should not be kept out of water any longer than necessary. When you get them home, cut about an inch off the bottom of the stems with a sharp knife or shears to remove any dried tissue or air bubbles in the stem that could block water uptake, then put them into cool clean water. Keep an eye on the water level in your vase. Thirsty flowers can quickly drink a vase dry.
Keep them clean. Clean vases and clean water make for long lasting cut flowers. It's that simple! Clean your vases, change your water, recut your stems, and enjoy a long, satisfying relationship with your flowers.