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mixed bouquets

Mixed Bouquets

Our specialty at Falling Springs Flowers is large, beautiful bouquets of top quality, fresh cut, Kentucky grown flowers. Our bouquets aren't assembled in a factory, but redesigned each week from the seasonal production of our own farm. So with our bouquets you get not only the freshest, longest-lasting locally grown flowers, but also the benefit of Kellie's eye for design and our many years of professional experience.

There's no better way to keep your vases full and enjoy the parade of seasonal garden flowers in your home throughout the summer than bouquets from Falling Springs Flowers. For parties, weddings and special events our fresh, local, tastefully arranged bouquets are a simple but satisfying path to easy success with DIY flowers. You can contact us about special orders for your special occasions or visit us at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market in Louisville, KY.

Grocery stores and specialty shops that carry our bouquets enjoy proudly displaying a unique and beautiful local product, but soon come to appreciate the reliable quality and longevity of our flowers even in the demanding conditions of a busy retail environment.

Check out our Bouquet of the Week Gallery to see pictures of our seasonal bouquets collected every week since 2011.