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Asiatic Lily

harvest season: June-July
vase life: 1-2 weeks

Asiatic Lillies
Lily Flower

Bright orange asiatic lilies are one of our more breath-taking cut flowers. Their many large flowers, stunning colors, and elegant form make a striking focal point in arrangements and bouquets or just by themselves. Lilies have many fleshy buds that swell and open into large, vivid six-petaled flowers. Each open flower lasts for many days while the rest of the buds continue to open from the bottom upward. The pollen from lilies is staining, so many people prefer to remove the anthers as soon as the flowers open. But they are attractive, so you may want to leave them when possible and just use care when handling them. It's best to buy lilies in the bud, before the flowers open, because the open flowers are easily creased and bruised in handling. With high bud counts and fresh local delivery in water, our lilies stand out for quality and longevity.