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harvest season: May
vase life: 1-2 weeks

Cornflowers are an old-fashioned cottage flower with a blue so perfect that the flower's name has served as the name of the color since before the potters of Delft perfected the techniques for their iconic blue and white pottery.

Cornflowers are native to Europe, where they grow naturally as weeds in grain fields, hence the name cornflower. They have been all but eradicated in their native habitat by modern farming practices.

They are also commonly known as batchelor's buttons, after the hopeful young lads on the way to the dance who would pluck these flowers from the roadside to tuck into their lapels.

Cornflowers are a salt-of-the-earth cottage flower. They hold up for a long time in the vase, with an intense color that is the definition of the concept of blue. We grow mostly the blue variety, but also have some pink, purple, white, and bi-color varieties in our mix.

Blue Cornflowers