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Echinacea (purple coneflower)

Echinaceaharvest season: June-August
vase life: 2 weeks

Echinacea is a native prairie plant renowned for its medicinal properties. It's a very attractive flower, and most people will recognize its big purple blossoms and gracefully drooping petals from its place along roadsides and in yards and gardens.

For cut flowers, a little special handling transforms these iconic purple blooms into a stunning floral statement. By the time the big, luminescent cones have reached their full majesty, the purple petals have mostly succumbed to the ravages of time. Stripping off the petals allows the fully-formed cones to almost literally shine with their eye-catching orange glow and stately, architectural structure.

Echinacea is a mid-summer jewel among the many local and sustainable seasonal cut flowers you can get from Falling Springs Flowers.

Coneflowers in the meadow