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Hydrangea arrangementHydrangea

harvest season: June - August
vase life: 1 week+

We currently grow two varieties of hydrangeas, Annabelle (H. arborescens) and PeeGee (H. paniculata).

Large and lacy, the showy Annabelles are unique among hydrangeas in that the blooms start green, turn white for 2-3 weeks and then turn green again (at which point they can then be dried for everlasting enjoyment). These huge blooms which average from 8 - 12 inches across are actually a composite of small flowers. Sometimes they are so large that we find wasp and even bird nests taking advantage of the cover they provide.

Our PeeGee hydrangeas are cone shaped flowers which begin green, turning creamy white for a couple weeks and then ending with a pink tinge. Both varieties add a touch of elegance to any arrangement whether in a mix of different flowers or standing alone.

Annabelle Hydrangea
Large and Lacy Annabelle Hydrangea