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harvest season: August
vase life: 1-2 weeks

Lisianthus is a very popular cut flower with florists and a common wedding flower, but it's less well-known in the mainstream. That's a shame because once you've enjoyed this elegant cut flower you won't soon forget it. The open flowers of lisianthus resemble an open rose while its stiff stems, emerald green leaves, and spiral buds give it a distinctive grace. What's more, with proper handling lisianthus can easily last up to two weeks in your vase.

Falling Springs Flowers has lisianthus in pure white, cream, pink, and satiny purple. While the global market makes it available to florists year-round, our local field-grown lisianthus is a seasonal treat that's only available for a few weeks in the summer.

Pink LisianthusWhite Lisianthus