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Mountain Mint

Wild Pollinators
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Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum)

harvest season: July-September
vase life: 2 weeks

Mountain mint has gray-green foliage with lovely silvery-white frosted tops and a nice minty fragrance. It's very long lasting in bouquets and arrangements, and makes a nice dried flower.

This native wildflower is a favorite of pollinating insects of all kinds and is a very productive honey plant. The small native bees, wasps, flies and other native pollinators that are threatened by large-scale agriculture and urban sprawl are particularly attracted to mountain mint.

When they're flowering, our dense beds of mountain mint are literally buzzing with life throughout the day. Watching these flowers can really give you an appreciation for the wild diversity of pollinating insects going about their business unnoticed all around us, like in this video clip of an assassin bug catching a flying wasp in our bed of mountain mint.

Mountain mint is a unique local native plant that has a lot to offer as a cut flower and garden plant.