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Harvest Season: August - October
Vase Life: 2+ weeks

Autumn Joy SedumSedums are a large and diverse group of succulents that range from tiny little creepers to the tall varieties we use for cut flowers. We begin cutting them in August, still in the bud when they have a nice clean light green color to the stems, leaves and flowers. As the season progresses, the flower color develops through pink, rose, rusty red, and finally brown. At any stage, the cut flowers are extremely long lasting and hold their color well in the vase.

Sedum is another one of those flowers that is very attractive to pollinating insects of all kinds. Although it has no bearing on their cut flower quality, it's great fun for us to watch the teeming masses of large and small bees and wasps, flies, moths, pirate bugs, butterflies and hawkmoths bustling over the flowers, vying for space, not to mention the predatory spiders, wasps, robber flies, and mantises that are also eagerly enjoying the spectacle.