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Contact Us about our fresh cut, local flowers for your business.

We deliver locally to Louisville and Elizabethtown on Thursdays during the harvest season.

Sorry, but we only deliver locally. We do not ship our flowers.

KY Proud
Kentucky Proud Cut Flowers

Falling Springs Flowers has been providing wholesale cut flowers to florists, grocery stores, and floral wholesalers in Kentucky for over 20 years. We have a long history of serving Louisville's favorite florists with top quality fresh cut local flowers.

Grocery stores and specialty shops that carry our bouquets enjoy the opportunity to proudly display a unique and beautiful local product and soon come to appreciate the reliable quality and longevity of our flowers even in the demanding conditions of a busy retail environment.

Why do the best florists and grocers go out of their way to get our flowers? Why do their customers ask specifically for our flowers in their arrangements and bouquets? We hear the answers again and again:

  • "I can get them from the wholesaler, but I'd rather use yours."
  • "We see a lot of flowers in this business, from all over the world, and yours are the best."
  • "I know I can always count on your flowers."

Let's face it, local doesn't necessarily mean the best, and quality is one thing to say and another thing to actually deliver. At Falling Springs Flowers we understand cut flower quality and how to deliver on it. Our growing techniques like soil fertility, variety selection, and proper stage of harvest, our strict grading standards, our careful and professional post-harvest handling, and direct delivery in water, all of our efforts are focused on providing a product of uncompromising quality. We want our customers to expect a higher standard of quality and freshness from our flowers. Then we try to exceed their expectations.

  • Distinctive local and seasonal varieties.
  • Outstanding quality and longevity.
  • Direct from the farm.
  • Fresh local delivery in water.

Don't wait a minute longer to find out what Falling Springs Flowers can do for your business.